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freight trucks, 5,000 yuan for light-duty freight trucks, 4,000 yuan for mini freight trucks, 5,000 yuan for medium-duty passenger ca▓rs, 4,000 yuan for light-duty passenger cars, 3,000 yuan for mini passe

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nge▓r cars, and 6,000 yuan for other types of vehicles.The Plan clearly stipulates that local governments should take responsibility for any surplus or deficit of subsidy funds allocated by the centr▓al budget in accor

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dance with the aforementioned standard. Local governments can adjust the subsidy st▓andard based on factors such as the type and age of "yellow-label vehicle," urban management and other relevant considerations."The 'other t▓ypes of vehicles' mentioned above include cars," explained Zhu Yiping, Assistant Se▓cretar

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imum subsidy should not

y-General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. Deputy Secretary-General of China Automobile Dealers Association Luo Lei believes that the previous automobile "trade-in" policy was targeted at commercial vehicles with buses as its focus but the inclusion

of private cars in the revised version of the policy "is a major highlight."According to Luo, the service lifetime standard for "trade-ins" varies according to▓ types of vehicle, and vehicle owners can refer to their local autho▓rities about the details.As for household ap

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pliances, 2 billion yuan will be allocat

ed from the central budget for setting up pilot "trade-in" area▓s for five major types of household a

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